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19th December. Christmas dive and drinks after in Nottingham

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19th December will see a few hardy Tribe souls braving the waters at Stoney Cove for our annual Christmas dive.  Later that evening we’ll be meeting up at the Embankment on Trent Bridge for a few warming egg nogs. (more…)

Porthkerris, Cornwall 17th,18th and 20th July

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Porthkerris has one of the best shore dives in Britain. A must for both the experienced and novice divers.

The cove nestles under high cliffs, and is protected from all but East Winds. So in the summer, when the prevailing winds are occasionally very strong from the south – west, Porthkerris is generally flat calm.

The beach drops away quickly towards a fringing reef at the northern end of the cove, that breaks surface no more than a hundred metres offshore, even at high water. Behind these visible rocks, a submerged reef arcs out for a further two hundred metres or so, accessing depths of 18 to 20 metres, depending on the state of the tide. So you can explore everything from shallow inshore reefs to deeper waters all within a three hundred-metre swim. An ideal area for newly qualified Open Water Divers.

As you follow the reef the depth increases gradually from 6 metres to 12-15 metres depending on the tide. Getting below the kelp line reveals garlands of jewel anemones, tunicates, sea cucumbers and sponges.

Don’t ignore the sea bed as this is home to all sorts of bottom dwelling fish, crustaceans, tube worms, anemones, sea urchins and, in the spring and summer months, hordes of juvenile cuttlefish.

The reef is bisected by a number of cuts and gullies crying out to be explored although your first dive is best spent familiarising yourself with the topography and routes for your return.

Marsa Nakari May 4th 2016

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